Yesterday was my 61st birthday and what a milestone that was for me. Why? Well, throughout my adult life my friends have always said “don’t be silly you will live till a grand old age”. The reason for their reassurance was that I had based my life expectancy on the genes I had been given and I believed I would not live long. My mother died at 49, my brother at 36 and my father at 60. Both my grandfathers I had never known as they died young and both my grandmothers died before they were 60. You can see where I was coming from!

With hindsight I can see that my life expectancy was based on a false reality, I had been telling myself a story. However, I thought I had worked through the grief of all the losses in my life and that I was a brave warrior woman An independent single parent who was and still is a lioness, a woman who can stand in her own power and challenge, an articulate female who comes across as direct and open in her communication with others and is also a sensitive and compassionate individual who has a spiritual and intuitive nature. My friends say I have great clarity and I can usually see passed the b…shit. They also see me as courageous because of the decisions I have made in my life and many wish they had the confidence to break free from some of the constraints they choose to live with. I am not any different to anyone else, I JUST DO IT. If it feels right I go with my decision, yes sometimes that is scary but is much scarier for me to be stagnant than to be free flowing. I believe in the Universe, self-determination and the Law of Attraction. You cannot have a positive life if you have negative thoughts, being FEARless is the key to living a more fulfilled and happy life.

Since August 2017 I have moved to a new house twice and I am now in the throes of a third move settling in the Angus area . Yes, it has been stressful I have given up my well-paid job and retrained…who would have believed I was going to do all that at aged 60. I am much happier with my life choice and feel that the next phase of my life is taking shape. I believe in the mind body connection and yesterday whilst out with my friend for a birthday lunch and then a visit to a local holistic fayre I decided to have a Quigong taster session, WOW and he was good!
I thought that I, this brave individual had worked through the loss and bereavement in my life, but I must say the clearing I got yesterday was phenomenal. I would say to everyone out there, do what it is you truly want to do…it is never too late to make the changes and to enjoy your life, but remember to work on mind body and spirit to support the changes necessary to give you the life YOU really want. Age is just a number it’s what you believe that matters. 
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