Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Testimonial – Robin

“Having been a heavy smoker (20-40 a day)for over 40 years, I now suffer many of the ill health consequences of this habit, I decided to seek assistance. I have tried the usual methods / products promoted within the medical arena and the media as a whole, none...

Hypnotherapy Testimonial – Lisa

“I went to see Rosy last week because I wanted to see if she could stop me from biting my nails. and it worked! Rosy is a very lovely woman and I would definitely recommend her hypnotherapy.”

Hypnotherapy Testimonial – Paula

“I went to see Rosy for hypnotherapy. I had been a nail bitter for over 30 years. One session with Rosy and l can honestly say l haven’t bitten my nails since. Rosy is very friendly and makes you feel very welcome and at ease. I would highly recommend Rosy, she...

Hypnotherapy Testimonial – Suzi

“I saw Rosy Yesterday and I wish I had gone to see here a long time ago. I have just had my first full night’s sleep in years. I can’t thank her enough . Highly recommend. if I could give a star ⭐️ rating it would be 10/10.”

Hypnotherapy Testimonial – Bev

“I was very skeptical when signing up to have hypnosis for my fear of flying. I always saw myself as a lost cause and the fear, or should I say terror, is just something I have to endure to get to the countries I love to visit. BUT……after 2 sessions...