Do you have Patience?

Are you a Patient person?

Are you a Patient?


Be a kind person who can put yourself in someone

else’s shoes

and understand something not just from your own perspective

But from theirs as well.

-Haemin Sunim


Lately, I have found myself in a situation where I have realised my older self is much more patient than my younger self. I have developed a level of patience that I never knew I had!

It is easy to get frustrated by processes and the timeframes of other people, but sometimes you just have to accept that no matter how you react whatever answer you want is not going to be available in your timeframe.


I had a lengthy discussion face to face on Friday 11th October 2019 with my lovely Consultant, I told him how I’d been using a few expletives earlier in the week, about the delays in my diagnosis and why couldn’t he just do XYZ.  I also said, I appreciated that he was in the dark as much as I, he said that without the pathology report we were in a difficult position, that he had been keeping in daily contact with the lab to see if a diagnosis was forthcoming. He acknowledged my frustration and was grateful for my understanding. We were now 4 weeks since tissue biopsy, and 9 weeks since the first aspiration, but unfortunately it would appear I have some rare condition which is proving difficult to diagnose.  In the meantime, I have to be patient and wait to see if pathology come up with a result.  All I can say is thank goodness my older self has more patience than my younger self.


It is easy to become all consumed by your own plight (although I’d say I’ve been very good) and forget what it is like for others who are part of your journey.  By stepping into the shoes of my Consultant I can see he is trying to do the best, to ensure I get the appropriate treatment, he too is in a period of waiting.  The last thing he needs is to be under the “patient” cosh!


On reflection, my perspective is that everyone is trying to do their best to deal with a set of difficult circumstances, me with my health issue and the not knowing, my Consultant with his requiring a diagnosis for a treatment plan. The Pathology lab (s) in trying to determine what I have, so they can assist the medics to do their job.  Putting yourself in other shoes makes it easier to appreciate just how frustrating and difficult not knowing is for us all. Tolerance, patience and gratitude are required to maintain a level of understanding and an appreciation of how life evolves and how we as individuals manage to maintain equilibrium in whatever situation we are faced with.  How you deal with adversity is based on your own inner strength, self-determination and mindset. Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Brilliant.


Rosy Wilson. 14/10/19