EMPTY NEST SYNDROME- is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time.

This is my story

I dropped both my children at two different universities on the same day and had to have the dog put to sleep two days later. Yes, I felt grief, however that was for my dog and the big void she left in my life. As for my children I was so happy to see them leave the nest and move into the next phase of their lives. As a single parent I felt I had done a grand job getting them to that independent stage. I was so looking forward to being ‘home alone’, no more frustrations trying to second guess where they were and when they would phone wanting a lift (putting my life on hold)! Raiding rooms looking for cups, plates etc with a healthy growth of penicillin, or refraining from cleaning and hoovering because they were still in bed till midday. Yes, I welcomed the FREEDOM to do as I pleased. Then reality hit…what was I going to do with myself. No longer was I the cook, cleaner, shopping delivery service, clothes organiser or taxi driver. Who was I and what interests did I have…..I had the FREEDOM to do what? I was Rosy and who was she, I had lost her through time. I could decide to crumble or I could decide to take charge of my life and like my children move into the next phase.

My message is take control and see the positive in the void and fill it with something happy and exciting.