I was driving in the Angus Glens the other morning and just had to stop and take a photo of the sheep and the ray of light. I was on my way to present my first Clarity Courage and Confidence information session and as I turned round the bend
I was faced with a long line of sheep walking along the hillside. My automatic response was …omg…the followers. I then began to think about the sheep ‘leader’ and the bright ray of sunshine, it was then I realised I was getting a little message from the Universe!

So what was that message, well it re-enforced to me I was not a follower. Treading along behind another was not my cup of tea and never has been. Who wants to be looking at someone else’s back end all the time and always being in their shadow!

I could resonate with the “leader” out in front with that little ray of sunshine just ahead, it said to me that I had a vision and the light was there to guide me.

I went off to deliver my presentation with even greater intention, to inspire others to be courageous and live their lives true to themselves. If they could feel empowered they could walk their own path and not in the steps of others.It also gave me the confidence to share my story and support others to be free of self limiting beliefs and behaviours.

i believe we should all let out inner light shine. Be aware of what is presented to you and follow your heart. 🙂