Hey there everyone

Whew, I don’t know about you folks, but it felt like I just blinked and last week disappeared- did it feel like that for you? I had a whole list of tasks to complete and managed to get most of them ticked off, but I must confess I didn’t get around to doing the EXERCISE I had written on the to do list in BIG letters! Today when I went to pull up the zip on my jeans, I got that deflated, disgusted feeling and started to chastise myself for being a ‘blobby belly’! Suck it in girl, and suck it up I said to myself, no point getting annoyed, frustrated or disgusted, self-criticism isn’t going to reduce the belly fat. Eating natural healthy food and ACTION is what’s needed. I told myself I was more ‘mind’ working than body working last week, and I accomplished a great deal. So rather than focus on the negative, I accept I need to make some tweaks and love myself for who I am not for the part of my body that shouts out at me. Isn’t it just typical we manage to achieve so much but we hone in on what we see is the FLAW the bit we didn’t do, the bit we feel we should have done, the bit that makes us feel sh$t about ourselves. So, here’s what I did, I changed that thought process to, you know what, I successfully ticked off lots of tasks last week which I am proud of and didn’t stop to praise myself by saying WELL DONE YOU, so I am saying it now! Next time your self-critic appears, tell it to F..off and love yourself for who you. Once you start to accept yourself and love yourself the rest will fall into place. Embrace the person you are because we are all unique!
Are you going to let that inner critic continually berate you or are you going to reclaim your power by changing your thoughts? I know what option I’m taking!

If you see the good in you, you feel the good in you!

Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself “ I love you”. Your subconscious mind automatically re-creates what you celebrate.

Have a good week everyone.