In this last month I have become aware of a magpie that is frequenting the tree in front of the house and the carport at the back.  I have lived in this property since the middle of November 2018 and only recently has this magpie appeared. Why are you here little magpie, I hear myself ask? I have always had a superstition about a solitary magpie, I am constantly looking for the mate, you know the saying one for sorrow two for joy! I’m not really interested in having the sorrow thank you very much, a little bit of joy would go a long way in the current circumstances.


Since the middle of June 2019 my health has become compromised as I have a growth on the back of my head which has left the medics a tad perplexed, a diagnosis has not been forthcoming.  I seem to have a rare “something”, I am a mystery, everyone appears to be baffled, so to am I. With the advances in technology and medicine, you would expect a pathologist to be able to determine whether it is this, that or the other, but no not at all, two laboratories involved and still no result.


Here I am a unique individual whose tissue biopsy has a mysterious kind of what. I have been saying lately, that I always knew I was unique but never believed I was such a rare species and now, could I possibly be an alien? Hence, the reason I confuse the heck out of the pathologists.  Anyway, back to my lovely magpie whom I believe, is on the scene to tell me, whatever it is I have, will be revealed soon and it will all work out as it should be. An angel in disguise during a time of frustration and confusion, something to occupy the mind other than the dreaded what if’s!


So, I have decided I will replace my negative superstition with a more positive spin and accept that my angel in disguise is actually my mother (or father or brother), who has come to oversee my health and care situation. The reason I have chosen to run with this theory is, I remember as a young woman when I used to return to ‘Glenlea’ my family home, if a single magpie came into the garden my father would say “there’s your mother in the garden”. I remember thinking it was remarkable that my father was in tune with his spiritual side and could take some solus from the fact that a single magpie was a reminder to him of my mother. Therefore, with my wish to remain focussed and positive, I am accepting my little magpie as a sign of love and affection from loved ones who are no longer here with me in a material form but are certainly surrounding me with a comfort that makes me feel safe and secure.  It is with this in mind that I salute my little magpie angel and accept his or her presence with a sense of security and happiness.


Rosy Wilson