I can remember so well my menopause symptoms and how it impacted on my work life. I often felt my emotions were out of control, I was tired, my cognition was slow and in the initial stages my confidence plummeted. The physical attributes that went with the Jekyll And Hyde personality were something else! Sitting in meetings and the the fuschia pink colouring would emerge. Up it would come from my chest to the top of my head and I would await the tropical storm. Heat and water oozing from every pore. The flood gates had opened and there was nothing for it but to find the handkerchiefs and start the swab routine. Now I was focussed, on my embarrassment! I soon learned to drop the embarrassment and acknowledge the hot flush was time limited and no one else gave a hoot, it was only me that was focussed on the physiological assault on my body. I remember well the conversations with my GP about HRT and that I should consider that as an option whilst still being in employment..  I can laugh now at my disappointment when I buckled and begged to be prescribed it. I  remember well my explanation’s aligning my values in a way that I felt I had to justify why I needed to accept the “HELP” of HRT! I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. In my research I found there were 34 different symptoms to the menopause and although I had tried for 5 years to stay true to my belief that I could do it au natural, I accepted that I was trying to ride a kayak in a Tsunami!