Good morning all-

Yesterday I spent most of the day writing and communicating with John who is building my website. We agreed a date on which to launch the website. Brilliant, finally going live on my birthday month thanks to John. I have tried to build this on and off since January, along comes John to support and here we are almost complete within a month.  During the day I conversed with other friends and had exchanges through social media about the new moon.  Anyway, that aside I continue to write late into the evening and eventually I decide it is time for bed. Crawl into bed and as I go to turn the lamp out I have one final check of my phone – BINGO- it reads 00:00, so I ask myself what time actually is this?  I feel a big smile on face and thank the Universe, I read this as a message of a new beginning and a whole blank canvas to do whatever I want.  I turn out the light feeling and knowing that I am on the right pathway.


I can set the clock to whatever, and it will all run as smooth as clockwork!!   Happy days.   This “coincidence” indicates to me that a message has been sent to reinforce my belief in what I am doing and that time is irrelevant.

Do you notice what messages are being sent to you?