Is your wardrobe stressing you out and making you feel unhappy ?

Less is More

Less is more as the saying goes and I whole heartedly agree.  I have been living out of suitcases for the last four months and although I am missing some of my belongings, I have found it less stressful having a wardrobe of jeans, shirts and doc martins.  Most importantly, the days of getting up and going through the wardrobe then never feeling satisfied with my choice, have gone. It’s refreshing!

Stress and Pressure

It got me thinking today about the stress of the wardrobe and especially now the festive season is on us. The Christmas parties, works do’s and all those shenanigans are about to start.  What am I going to wear? You can just hear the conversations that are happening.  Besides that the angst about the whole outfit from the shoes to the dress or the trouser suit to the colour. The makeup, the hair and nails. Pressure, pressure, pressure!  So, what is the pressure? Well it’s the one we place upon ourselves.

Negative thoughts and self talk

I reckon most of you ladies look in the wardrobe and think, I’ve got nothing to wear. Herein lies the beginning of the downward spiral, the energy expended on the negative thoughts start creating added stress.  I can’t wear that I wore that to…. I can’t wear that because it doesn’t fit me now, I can’t wear that because…… I bet you have tried some of the clothes from your wardrobe on and completely deflated yourself.  Whilst doing so you have even convinced yourself you are not going to the function!  The sources of guilt sitting in that wardrobe remind you of the past. Those clothes you hang on to because you know what, someday I’m going to fit into those again…really! You give yourself a talking to,  you have convinced yourself you need something new, therefore you expend even more energy thinking, What will I wear, what will other people be wearing, you will need to go on a shopping trip and so the thinking overwhelms.  Is this hitting the spot folks?

Lifestyle & Guilt

A little reminder, you can’t purchase a lifestyle. Action is the only course open to you. If you want to fit into that dress, those, jeans or jacket you either need to do something about your physicality or best ditch it from your wardrobe. No point in having reminders in there of who you once were or who you think you might be again. The guilt is just wasted energy.


Now is a good time to reassess what it is you need in your wardrobe and what you don’t.  Now is also a good time to re-evaluate the physical, emotional, mental and financial aspects of your life.  Like trees, shed what you don’t need to enable new growth in the Spring.