Today I decided I would not venture out in the snow, however, it is beautiful out there.  Instead I have ensconced myself in my kitchen making curries and baking a fruit loaf.  Cupcakes or muffins coming up later!  I just had to write this short blog before the words escaped me!. Whilst standing making my dishes I was receiving messages from my daughter and her partner who are travelling Australia. My son has also sent me a Whatsapp  from Cornwall to let me know that he is making progress after his terrible motorbike accident in December 2018.  It got me thinking how far we have all come in our lifetime’s not just in miles but on our own personal journey’s, the resilience and determination that makes us who we are.  I was thinking about PORT Glasgow where I was raised as a youngster. More importantly it took me back to that place in my heart and my head where I still associated the death of my father and my sister’s move to another continent as a time where I had to wear ‘big girl pants’, the sense of loss I felt as those familiar surroundings were no longer accessible, because for me that was similar to a ship with no PORT to dock.  The correlation between that loss and my ability to adapt has given me a strength to cope with my children building there own lives and understanding that “empty nest syndrome” is only a state of mind.

Looking back, I often remember thinking how my friends who had no children were really lucky because of the FREEDOM they had and I as a single parent confined to a life of CONSTRAINT.  What I didn’t appreciate was I had all that love and a focus, something some of my friends have never gotten to experience. I can appreciate now how empty their lives felt never having a nest completed.

Although I had this envy of my single friends it never held me back, I went many trips with my children to different parts of the world, I bought a motorhome and travelled around with them, and it is only now I realise that I instilled in them that sense of FREEDOM.  Am I surprised they are not living at home with me? No, of course not, I am a free spirit and that is what I want for them, to do what they want in life.  I am in the next phase of my life and I do not know what that will bring, but the most important thing for me is not to stagnate but to continue to go with my intuition and grow. Some may think I should live my life in a more conservative manner BUT I live my life in a way that meets my needs and sits with my personal values.

Life is not all plain sailing but if you leave the safety of the PORT and steer a course that may sometimes need re-direction, you might just find it much more exciting, exhilarating and exhausting.  I am not saying you need to uproot altogether as I did, what I am saying is try something different if you are not feeling happy with your situation.  I have found myself back in PORT Glasgow in the last three months staying overnight with my cousin and have really enjoyed the experience. Moreover, I have felt a connection to the place that I once wanted to escape from and did!  My cousin has never uprooted from Port Glasgow but she has travelled far and wide and had lots of wonderful experiences and still does. Above all, life is about sailing the seas using your own inner compass.

Do you want to look back and say “I wish I had….”  The best way to predict your future is to create it.  Why not create a vision statement I WILL…….and GO DO IT.

Lift your Anchor and sail to a destination that will give you fun, laughter and excitement because you won’t regret it. That can be anything you want it to be, anything is possible you will never know unless you try.

Choice is a wonderful thing. Enjoy the decision making. You are in control of how you think, what you do and what actions you take based on your thinking.

All that from the woman who does not want to venture out today in the snow. The irony !

On a positive note I was obviously meant to stay indoors today, quiet time really does bring focus and instead of feeling a loss because my children are not with me, if feel a sense of pride that I have raised them to be independent and curious.

Be Inspired, learn , grow and enjoy x