I have struggled with my mental health for a while before finding Rosy, I worked with her over a number of sessions and now find myself much more able to cope with any problems or issues that come up, using strategies Rosy helped me develop. It wasn’t easy to seek help as a 21 year old male but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rosy to any of my family and friends who may need her.

What a lady! Rosy really takes an interest in you as a person and then see’s how she can help you! A real whirling dervish Rosy is into everything to make sure she gives the most and best to her clients. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this marvellous women! If you need someone on your team its Rosy!

Running different businesses can be overly stressful at times. I used Rosy to help me get some personal clarity and focus through hypnotherapy and NLP. The results were astounding. I went to her with an open mind thinking “I will give it a shot” however I wasn’t expecting anything major if the truth be told. I couldn’t have been more wrong, what I thought the reasons for my stress and “fuzzy brain” were not even close to what we uncovered. It was a strange, yet weirdly satisfying 3 hour session where I felt really good afterwards, but in the preceding days and weeks I felt better and better and my focus and clarity of where I was going with my business started to align perfectly. Business is about mindset. If you can sort this then you are unstoppable. I would recommend Rosy to anyone, but if you are in business it’s even more important to make sure you have a strong mind.

I am health care assistant at a local hospital and have been getting really bad panic and anxiety attacks to the point I cant leave my house. I was recommended Rosy through a friend on Facebook. I spoke with her and then had a session with her and i am now able to control my panic/ anxiety attacks better. The technique she has given me to use is helping and I am able to calm myself down quicker than I was able to. I would recommend her to friends and family. Thanks again

I am an ex army disabled veteran who has mental health problems PTSD from my service. I know I will get told off for saying problems. Rosy has been brilliant, she has helped me to see life in a different way. I am more positive. I recommend her to everyone. I know she will be a friend for life.

I would highly recommend Rosy! She is a lovely person and very easy to talk to. I had some Kinetic Shift/Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions with her to help boost my confidence. I saw immediate results and differences in myself after each session and I continue to use the techniques to help me relax and feel more confident each day.

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