I can’t recommend Rosy enough. From a kind and welcoming phone call to a reassuring and helpful sessions. This lady certainly knows how to work her magic, and with this magic, all I can say is wow what a difference! I have embraced the sessions and have a different outlook and perspective on things. No more brain fog!
All I can say is a massive thank you!

“I contacted Rosy as I have a phobia of pylons. Have done for about 34 years! I couldn’t look at them, even on the Tele or picture. It made me physically sick. Got terrible anxiety from them. I have a holiday coming up where there will be pylons and needed help. Rosy was very warm and friendly over the phone and when she was sat with me, I felt comfortable and relaxed. When our session was finished, I was able to Google photos on my phone and I felt fine. Next test was to see a real one so my husband took me a couple of hours later to see one and I was able to sit and look at it. Didn’t feel anything. Actually, felt quite chilled. Delighted!! Would recommend Rosy to anyone who feels they need help.”

“Okay, so I don’t usually leave reviews as I prefer people to make their own minds up.. BUT… I couldn’t not, just in case this makes a difference to even one person.

I have tried EVERY diet, coffee, tea, pills, etc… to lose weight and to be fair managed not too badly through the years but after suffering a period of illness and somewhat incapacity, I gained almost 4 stone!
No matter how hard I tried or what supplement I took, I just couldn’t get back in the zone of the weight starting to come down and the motivation that then kicks in to keep it going. I had just piled on so much, it seemed like an impossible task now, where and how to start.

I came across Rosy online and thought I would find out more information. Rosy called me and after speaking to her I knew I wanted to go ahead and meet her. She made me feel at ease straight away and I found out I could talk to her about ANYTHING.

To cut a very long story short, after a few coaching and hypnotherapy sessions with Rosy I am now more focused and positive about many things in my life and I have lost my first stone… A MASSIVE milestone for me and I know with Rosy’s support I can keep this going and I am remembering who I used to be and who I want to be going forward.

I cannot recommend Rosy highly enough. If you really are fed up and ready to change, get in touch! This is not a rehearsal folks x”

“Having been a heavy smoker (20-40 a day)for over 40 years, I now suffer many of the ill health consequences of this habit, I decided to seek assistance.

I have tried the usual methods / products promoted within the medical arena and the media as a whole, none of which dealt with my need to break the constant need for nicotine. As many smokers will recognise that gripping pain or the constant thoughts when you crave that next cigarette especially when you can’t have one. This is where my previous attempts to stop smoking had left me thinking and craving a cigarette every second until I gave in.

So why is it different this time?

On first talking to Rosy on the telephone I instantly felt at ease as I was speaking to someone who wasn’t judging me as well as having an insight into my reasoning etc. An appointment was arranged.
As a male I was apprehensive about the up and coming appointment as I am not used to talking about my thoughts. These concerns were quickly dispelled on meeting Rosy, who was very reassuring and quickly making me feel at ease. While chatting I found Rosy to be very instinctive with a good understanding of the non-verbal cues.

The process I feel needs to be experienced by the person as I am sure it’s different for each individual. The session left me very relaxed, with a feeling of achievement. The big thing for me is the fact that I don’t have the constant thoughts / feelings of needing that cigarette. Rosy shared with me a technique which helps me reinforce and refocus what I learned within the session.

I am now a non smoker of nearly 3 weeks which is tremendous and invigorating, I am in control.

Thank you very much”

“I would highly recommend Rosy, she is a very talented lady who puts you at ease from the moment she meets you. I had a Reiki session with Rosy and felt so calm and relaxed.
I would recommend everyone to look at her “Rosy Wilson Hypnotherapy and Coaching page to see all the wonderful things she does.”

“I went to see Rosy last week because I wanted to see if she could stop me from biting my nails. and it worked!
Rosy is a very lovely woman and I would definitely recommend her hypnotherapy.”

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