Robin Donald
"Having been a heavy smoker (20-40 a day)for over 40 years, I now suffer many of the ill health consequences of this habit, I decided to seek assistance. I have tried the usual methods / products promoted within the medical arena and the media as a whole, none of which dealt with my need to break the constant need for nicotine. As many smokers will recognise that gripping pain or the constant thoughts when you crave that next cigarette especially when you can't have one. This is where my previous attempts to stop smoking had left me thinking and craving a cigarette every second until I gave in. So why is it different this time? On first talking to Rosy on the telephone I instantly felt at ease as I was speaking to someone who wasn't judging me as well as having an insight into my reasoning etc. An appointment was arranged. As a male I was apprehensive about the up and coming appointment as I am not used to talking about my thoughts. These concerns were quickly dispelled on meeting Rosy, who was very reassuring and quickly making me feel at ease. While chatting I found Rosy to be very instinctive with a good understanding of the non-verbal cues. The process I feel needs to be experienced by the person as I am sure it's different for each individual. The session left me very relaxed, with a feeling of achievement. The big thing for me is the fact that I don't have the constant thoughts / feelings of needing that cigarette. Rosy shared with me a technique which helps me reinforce and refocus what I learned within the session. I am now a non smoker of nearly 3 weeks which is tremendous and invigorating, I am in control. Thank you very much"