Debbie Black
"Okay, so I don't usually leave reviews as I prefer people to make their own minds up.. BUT... I couldn't not, just in case this makes a difference to even one person. I have tried EVERY diet, coffee, tea, pills, etc... to lose weight and to be fair managed not too badly through the years but after suffering a period of illness and somewhat incapacity, I gained almost 4 stone! No matter how hard I tried or what supplement I took, I just couldn't get back in the zone of the weight starting to come down and the motivation that then kicks in to keep it going. I had just piled on so much, it seemed like an impossible task now, where and how to start. I came across Rosy online and thought I would find out more information. Rosy called me and after speaking to her I knew I wanted to go ahead and meet her. She made me feel at ease straight away and I found out I could talk to her about ANYTHING. To cut a very long story short, after a few coaching and hypnotherapy sessions with Rosy I am now more focused and positive about many things in my life and I have lost my first stone... A MASSIVE milestone for me and I know with Rosy's support I can keep this going and I am remembering who I used to be and who I want to be going forward. I cannot recommend Rosy highly enough. If you really are fed up and ready to change, get in touch! This is not a rehearsal folks x"