The 3 C’s of Transformation are:


In making that statement I thought it would be helpful to share with you my own situation last year. That way you have an idea that I fully understand how difficult change can be.

Many of you will know that if you are a diabetic STRESS can impact on your blood sugar levels. I was in an interesting and fulfilling job with a very good salary, but my health was being impacted upon daily with the, travel, stress and demands of my management role. It became clear to me that if I were to continue in my post my health and quality of life would reduce. What was I to do? I had only a small work pension, no backup in terms of A N Other, therefore reliant solely on my own income. I was 60 and not due to get my state pension until aged 67. Yes, what a dilemma. However, I had to decided do I stay and become so PHYSICALLY UNWELL or leave and reduce my income DRASTICALLY! I left…. I decided I had enough skills in my toolbox to retrain and still work with people, the only budget I had to worry about was my own. How was I going to pay my bills? CLARITY was acknowledging that I was in a place where I had to make a decision about my future, it felt like a rock and a hard place but I wanted to have a life where I was in the driving seat and had a quality of life .

I did it. I resigned. I left my job without having another job….no you can’t do that! Everyone tells you to find another position before you leave! I lay in a bath a week after my leaving and thought, OMG I will not have that lovely big salary into my account anymore. What am I to do ? I gave myself a talking to and reminded myself of all the skills I have gained over my lifetime and looked at what I needed to acquire to become a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist etc…that is where I needed the COURAGE. I was out of my management role and into a whole new playing field and I had to adapt to being this person who’s status had changed. Actually who was I? I was used to having a designation, playing a part in an organisation and making decisions about other peoples lives. Here I was making decisions about my own which would have a huge impact on my future. I embraced the FEAR and found my COURAGE. I have re-trained and have now set up my own business ROSY WILSON COACHING.

To people I always appeared confident, the outspoken one, the challenger but that was fine when I was in a job where I felt I knew my stuff! Here I was entering a whole new phase in my life and in creeps Doubting Thomas. Can I do this ? Is my brain good enough to absorb all this new information? Can I be a self employed business person? Will I make enough money to feed myself and pay the bills? The questions to myself were based again on fear of the unknown. I gave myself a good talking to and instead of DOUBTING I had to start BELIEVING. I found my courses, completed them, met wonderful new friends and found ROSY the true me. I LOVE my new job. CONFIDENCE that’s what I needed, a mixture of self-efficacy and self esteem, that being able to master new skills and achieve goals, a sense that I can cope with what’s going on in my life and having the right to be happy. CONFIDENCE!