I started to get a bit of a niggle in my gum a couple of weeks back but thought nothing of it except to say may have been a bit over zealous with the oral hygiene routine. However, that is NOT the case, I have a massive infection in my tooth and gum and have never experienced pain like it.  Would rather give birth to my children again than have this excruciating pain!   I’m a hypnotherapist so I should be able to manage the pain I say to myself, and I have to some extent. A trip to the dental hospital and two trips to the dentist with some root canal work done. Another fortnight to wait to see if the swelling goes down with the antibiotics and the chloride clean out…NICE. Might be able to save the tooth says the dentist, not sure I want him to if this is the kind of pain I could experience again. Time will tell.

As a Holistic therapist I get to thinking I NEED TO GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.   I am a great believer, if something is happening in your mind it often manifests in your body.  What is it I need to be looking at I ask myself?

Friends and colleagues have been getting frustrated with me lately because they see I have so much to offer but I am not getting myself out there as I should. I have lots of ideas but not actioning them. Stop talking about it, JUST F…K..G DO IT I hear them say. I am not used to having people help me nor advise me and accepting support has been difficult for someone who has been fiercely independent all her life. However, I appreciate all the support received. I have been procrastinating on my business plans and can identify it is time to FLY.  So how does toothache and infection fit into this?  Well, as I said earlier as a Holistic therapist I believe there is a correlation between our thoughts and our well-being. So, I googled to see what the connection might be.  Bingo!! awakeningstate.com – says

as teeth are used to puilverize and pound food, oral problems indicate constant difficult pondering new information, situations or ideas, Therefore, problems with the teeth and gums indicate a fear of making incorrect decisions…. Moreover, the four front teeth signify the spot you want to occupy in relation to your parents, whose position is represented by the lower incisors. These types of problems in this area indicate an inability to sink your teeth into what you are doing in order to achieve the outcomes you aspire.Learn to look at events as they are. If needs be, accept the help of others to sharpen your discernment”

Well, well, that says it all, since being up in the Glens and having time to reflect on my life, I had never realised how losing both my parents as a young woman had impacted on me, that fierce independence I have had was built around a need to survive. The constant moving in my life was because I have always felt ADRIFT. I remember well when my father died and our family home “Glenlea” was sold, I felt as though I was a ship at sea with no Port to return to.   The irony is I was raised in PORT GLASGOW.  So here I am  at the age of 61 having moved, a transient individual about to put roots down again…so is this what it is all about the fear of not making the right decision about the place and work I have chosen?  Who knows time will tell, but I definitely believe the flare up in my mouth is certainly linked to my mindset.  I am hoping to move into a little cottage at the end of the month, get my business up and running and I believe I will have gotten to the root of my problem….indecision……that word doesn’t look so different to the incisor I have a problem with.

Sometimes we are stopped in our tracks to enable us time to reflect and make the necessary decisions and changes required in our lives. I dare say some of this may resonate with someone out there.