“To grow into genuine maturity is a lifelong endeavour”

-Vision Quest Tarot Pack- Mother of Fire


Facing life challenges with courage and confidence is something that does not come easy for most of us, even those who believe they have an innate ability to survive and thrive on occasion are unable to trust their own judgement. Sometimes to follow our heart’s desire can feel less secure than the comfort zone, with the unknown being a step too far.  However, “to grow into genuine maturity” there is a need to take the step over the threshold of fear. It is important to recognise and acknowledge that as individuals we have been stepping over the threshold of fear most of our lives. Learning to walk, to ride a bike, climb a tree, to swim, first kiss, and to drive, these have all been first time actions and we endeavoured to challenge ourselves!  Can you remember some of the fear you felt when parents, relatives and peers encouraged you to attempt some of the actions? In those scary moments you probably thought I’m not going to be beaten I’ll show them!  You dug deep inside yourself, you stopped the panic, you focussed on the task in hand and just trusted. You believed in yourself, albeit you may not have understood this at the time, you were not prepared to be the scared cat, the weak link or the loser.  You wanted to be just as good as everyone else or even better. You committed to trust that everything would be alright.


What I want to convey here is to remember your inherent strengths. There is an inner resilience and even though you may feel at some points in your life that your inner light is not shining as brightly as you would like, maturity is a process and there will be periods in your life when you feel you may not be where you thought you might be. Ask yourself one thing – what does it matter? You cannot go back and re-write it; you can only go forward and enjoy it. Sometimes you might just have to walk another path and you will end up where you are REALLY meant to be. It possibly won’t make sense at the time and it may feel confusing, frustrating and irritating, but again ask yourself what use are those emotions?  If you have belief and trust in what is meant for you, then you will understand that the rollercoaster we call life will have some amazing and difficult journeys for you to undertake, but that is to enable you to grown into genuine maturity. Life lessons!


Next time you are faced with what you perceive to be a challenge, or a difficulty or you feel frustrated by your situation, take some time to sit and reflect on the achievements you have made in your life no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.  We have all had adversity and no matter how that may have affected us we have a resilience deep inside that we can tap into.  Believe in yourself, keep learning and moving in the direction of genuine maturity because in sharing your experiences you can help others.