Today I have opened the Rumi Oracle Card deck and Number 41-

Victory of Maryam has been the chosen one.


There are a couple of lines which resonate with me and I just want to share them with you.


“why be a lame ass, when you have the strength of stallions”


I had a bit of a laugh at this, because in some respects, this is what I have been saying (not exactly in those words) to myself for some time now.  I might not have the physical strength of stallions, but I certainly have the mental strength and resilience to bound along no matter the terrain that lies ahead of me.


In 2019 I had a feeling that May was to be the turning point in my life and had expressed that to many of my friends and family.  New career, different chapter, yes it was going to be good!  I have worked hard, raised my children and it was now time for me to flourish, especially as I had started my own business and was in a new phase of my life.


May was indeed the turning point although the path was not what I had envisaged, but one thing I was about to find out, was those I thought were true friends were not at all.  The true hand of friendship came from those who have compassion, give freely without hesitation and genuinely are caring human beings. Those who checked in with me, who helped me survive physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Those who were amazed at my strength but stayed with me on my journey.  I shared my vulnerability and although trying to remain strong there were times when I was fearful, but with their support my tenacious character resurfaced and I took control of my fear, anxiety and worry, the ‘what if’s’ disappeared. To this day I do not have a diagnosis, I will never likely know the truth about what caused my ill health or whether it will return, but what I do know is I’m victorious because I know I am loved by many and I now appreciate and love myself . I believe I was given the opportunity to “find myself” and truly acknowledge the person I am not who I thought I was. To find my own truth, to discard the negativity I have carried for many years due to situational reference points.  Yeah there has been some burdensome shit I have carried, but I know this has enabled me to be the person I am today.  I can walk my talk as they say.  A true warrior.  I still have a vision and I will be stepping out there and showing myself that, my truth, is not about living a half truth.  I will no longer be hiding from my own insecurities.  I am going to own my own adventure and for me that is VICTORY, following my dream and creating the vehicle for living life the way I want to live it.


Life is to short- drop your outdated belief’s and thrive.