So what stories do you tell yourself? I’m not smart enough, I’m not confident enough, people will think I am an imposter, I’m scared to take that first step to, …yeah, all those types of stories. We form these narratives early in life and continue to believe them, but here it is folks, most of that stuff we have taken on board and believed to be our character, our nature, us as a person, is all formulated by the experiences we have had. They are shaped in childhood and beyond by the way people around us react, more often than not a projection of their insecurities, yet we internalise these tales and make them the stories of our whole lives, believing ourselves to be X Y or Z.

I am blessed with others who challenge some of my thought patterns and in them doing so, I am able to better understand who I am as a person and not who I am as the conditioned individual who is fearful to be her true authentic self. Self-limiting belief is “criminal” it keeps you locked in your cage, in the realms and confines of your own head and therefore inhibits the inability to make free and informed choice in relation to YOUR LIFE and for YOU.

I invite you to question the narratives of self that you carry around in your head. The thing is, you don’t have to be what you carry about in your head, you don’t have to be anything!

From moment to moment, you are you and your complete.

So, let go of the narratives that are holding you back. Your new story starts here.


Clarity Courage Confidence!

Photo by Ahmed Carter on Unsplash